Thank you for your interest in Seattle Strength & Performance!

At SSP we strive to create an environment that educates, motivates and supports our clients and trainers. Our foundation is a dedicated and consistent staff that excels at working with clients of all levels of ability, motivation and fitness. We thrive on helping people achieve their goals and feel humbled when we have helped them do so.

Seattle Strength & Performance is more than a gym – it’s a community of individuals focused on improving their overall health and wellness. The basis for our approach is providing a thorough screening to evaluate your abilities and personal challenges, and developing a personalized program to help you achieve your goals. We’re not a boot camp, we don’t leave you to figure it out by yourself, and we’re not a fad gym.

Members and trainers encourage one another. We have group classes and small group training sessions to facilitate healthy competition, and individual training sessions which offer focused and personal attention.

Goals come in all shapes and sizes. SSP is here to help you achieve yours, no matter what your level of fitness, conditioning or age. We have a consistent staff of certified and experienced trainers and an unparalleled ratio of trainers to clients.

We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to SSP.