Semi-Private Personal Training

SSP’s semi-private training guarantees results. All our clients receive fitness programs based on the results of an initial assessment/orientation, as well as regular progress checks. From here, they’re coached in a semi-private setting and put into an environment in which they can succeed and have fun.

This training format provides a motivating, results-oriented, positive environment. When you’re down, there is always someone alongside you to pick you up. All of our clients meet new people and develop strong friendships with those they train with. Seattle Strength & Performance makes training enjoyable – and in the process, you discover that you’re capable of things that you’d never thought possible.

Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training sessions provide a training environment in a group setting where you can excel and take your training to the next level. You will benefit from world-class coaching, targeted programming to meet your personal needs, and ongoing accountability from your coaches and fellow group members.

Small Group Training (SGT) gives you the benefits of working with a coach at a great value. SGT has a typical group size of 4-10 people per session and includes a progressively structured program designed to burn calories and build lean body mass.

Conditioning Classes

Our group conditioning classes (max of 20 people) are scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, decrease injuries, increase your strength and help you function better with your daily activities.  These high energy, group classes are effective, fun and varied to keep motivation high. With our group conditioning classes we use cutting edge tools like kettlebells, ropes, pushing sleds, TRX systems, medicine balls and Valslides.